Jenson Chalk - Larkhall Round 2 UKC

UKC – Round 2 at Larkhall

This weekend saw us at Larkhall, Scotland for Round 2 of the UKC – Ultimate Karting Championship, sponsored by Pass Me Fast. 

HEAT 1 – P14 ➡️ P9

Struggled in this heat, only the second dry run of the weekend. We didn’t quite get a set up that worked, battled on to get to 9th.

HEAT 2 – P4 ➡️ P6

After a horrendous number of false starts, and a couple that could have gone. I went in to the second corner in 2nd place only to be driven into and sent into the barrier. I was then pretty much last but a head down, mega drive and I managed to recover to 6th place 💪

HEAT 3 – P14 ➡️ P11

A poor start and I lost a couple of places, pushed on a little too keen and a mistake cost me. I got hit whilst going for an overtake and spun around. It was a lack of concentration for a split second.  Dropping me back back but again recovered to 11th.

Sunday was Superheat and Superfinal day, at the UKC – Round 2 at Larkhall

After a pretty poor Saturday we had a chance to try and make the best of a bad situation….


Starting P8 we had a good start and managed to push forward to 4th. Really started to put in some good laps, took 3rd and was 3rd fastest on track. Had a bad lap giving up 3rd place before looking comfortable for 4th, unfortunately 3rd place spun in front of me and I had to take avoiding action which unfortunately put me on the grass and down to last!!


Started 12th with the results from the Heats and Superheats. However, another great start and was up to 6th and pushing on. I managed to get up to 4th place before the end. A decent result considering the weekend we had and managed to salvage something from the weekend.
5th in the Championship and plenty of time to turn it around.