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2021 Season:

The 2021 Season seen me move to Iame Cadet, a bigger kart and more powerful engine, a year of learning a new kart and class was ahead of me.

I again entered the BKC National Championship where we got of to a flyer, winning the Final in the first round, some issues in the rounds to follow mean’t I was up against it to recreate the first round result but managed to finish the championship in 6th place overall.

This season also seen me take on another class, Micromax, this is again a slightly bigger chassis and a more powerful engine, I entered my first European event with only one days practice behind me, the Rotax Challenge at Le Man in France, I managed to qualify 3rd before putting it on the front row in the Final, unfortunately a bad start and the result I was dreaming of slipped away but a great experience. I continued with Micromax alongside my cadet and later in the year managed to win the Micromax GP Plate at GYG in Wales.

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