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2020 Season:

The 2020 season has seen some big changes, I have joined up with both Jordan Baines & Mark Baines Motorsport.

Jordan of Force Motorsport is now solely responsible for all engine and kart work whilst joining Mark Baines Motorsport I now have the support of a team environment and experience for the season ahead.

Coronavirus has obvioulsy had a big effect on 2020 which was going to be a massive final season in Bambino Karting for me but the season is now underway and I am competing in 3 championships.

The Bambino Kart Club/Super One National Championship, The Whilton Mill Club Championship and Hooton Park IKR, Results will be updated on my social media as well as on here throughout the season.

If you wish to find out more about jenson chalk racing or sponsorship opportunities, please contact me