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2018 Season:

Started the first season in the Bambino Kart Club national championship at the age of 5.

Round 1
1st Round being hosted at Whilton Mill in Daventry, I finished this first round in 10th place.
Round 2
Round 2 was at Hooton Park, heavy rain on the Saturday and then bright sunshine on the Sunday made for a testing weekend but walked away with 5th place.
Round 3 & 4
Round 3 & 4 were hosted over the bank holiday weekend with practice on Saturday and Racing on both Sunday & Monday. Finished 5th and 6th respectively but with some very good lap times, really enjoyed Rowrah.
Round 5
Onto Round 5 and this was at Lydd, very fast track, finished the weekend in 6th Place
Round 6
Round 6 and my worst round by far, struggled all weekend to find any pace and ended up 17th pretty much all weekend, one track that needs a lot more time learning for me.
Round 7
Round 7 and we we’re off to Ireland to compete at Nutts Corner, after the Ferry to Belfast we practiced in monsoon conditions on the Saturday before a dry race day, not my best day with an 8th place finish, first time in my new Wright Kart.
Round 8
Round 8 and this time we’re off to Scotland, very wet test day with a few issues before a dryer race day and my best finish of the season so far with a 4th place finish.
Round 9
Round 9 and the most local round with a trip over to Wales for Llandow, another mixed weather weekend and a weekend of mixed results with an overall 6th place due to some improved driving by the final.

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