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2020 British Iame Bambino ChampioN 2020 WHILTON MILL IAME CHAMPION    2020 HOOTON PARK IKR CHAMPION


SUPERONE/BKC Karting Championship

I started go-karting at the age of 5, my first time was when I took the Bambino Training Modules at Daytona Motorsport in both Sandown & Milton Keynes, once I passed these I continued practicing at Daytona’s using their own karts.

On Christmas 2017 I got my first Bambino Kart, this enabled me to go to various circuits for practice before I joined the Bambino Kart Club and entered the BKC National Championship taking place at 10 different locations around the UK including Ireland and Scotland.

I came 5th overall in the championship, just 2 points short of 3rd after the final round which ended with my first Podium.
Results can be seen in the ‘2018 Racing Season’ section of my website.

2020 Season:

The 2020 season seen some big changes, I joined up with both Jordan Baines & Mark Baines Motorsport.

Jordan of Force Motorsport was now solely responsible for all my engine and kart work whilst joining Mark Baines Motorsport I had the support of a team environment and experience for the season that was ahead.

Coronavirus obvioulsy had a big effect on 2020 which was going to be a massive final season for me in Bambino Karting  but the season went ahead and I competed in 3 championships.

The Bambino Kart Club/Super One National Championship, Final Position Championship Winner, The Whilton Mill Kart Club Championship, Final Position Championship Winner and finally Hooton Park IKR Bambino Championship, Final Position Championship Winner.

I managed to win all 3 Championships in 2020, An amazing end to my Bambino Karting chapter, 2021 see’s me move up to Cadet Karts and a new challenge! 

2020 Race results

New championship and a new track for me, Qualified 6th which was ok, was struggling a little with the new track, Finished both Heat’s in 6th Place, Started the Final in 4th Place and managed to take the lead by the end of Lap 1, DISASTER on Lap 4 as my Throttle Cable snapped and I had to pull out of the race, This put us 10th in the Championship.
This weekend was about recovering as many points as possible to salvage something from the season.

Round 2 – Qualified 2nd, Great starting position, Strong finishes in the Heats seen me finish 3rd and Win the second heat, Started the Final in 2nd place and finished in 3rd place.

Round 3 – A poor qualifying seen me qualify 7th, Heat 1 I had a coming together with another competitor and ended up last and on the grass, managed to recover to 9th, Heat 2 managed to push up to 3rd place, some points recovered, Final started in 7th and just missed out on the Podium with 4th place.

Managed to move myself up to 4th place in the Championship

Nothing to lose and a Top 3 Finish in the Championship was the aim.

Round 4 – Qualified in 4th place, Heat 1 managed to take the lead on Lap 1 and drove on to the chequered flag, Heat 2 pushed on from 4th place again, poor start seen me drop back but then pushed on and managed to take the Win, Started the Final in Pole, lost this place on Lap 1 but managed to drive home in 2nd Place.

A possibility of winning the Championship had presented itself, all I needed to do was drive and score good Top 3 Points.

Qualifying, didn’t go well and ended up 10th, Heat 1 good start an pushed on through the field, managed to take the Lead on Lap 7 and held on crossing the line in 1st Place. Heat 2 started 10th again, another good start and I managed to take the lead on Lap 3, close race to the line and won the heat by 0.032 seconds.

Leading the Championship and needing to just finish the Final, Started in Pole Position, dropped into 2nd place on the first lap and pushed away with the leader for 10 laps, made an overtake on the Final Lap but then had a move pulled back on me, needing to just finish took the safe bet and crossed the line in 2nd Place WINNING the 2020 British Iame Bambino Championship as Champion!

Support & Sponsors

Various people and companies have got involved with my racing and I would like to thank the following:

MCR Specialist Cars

My family business who have been into performance vehicles and motorsport for many years and I am proud to be carrying on with this in the future #teammcr

29 Design

29 Design have supported me by creating this website and will be supplying promotional items and design support throughout the season ahead.

Force Motorsport

Force Motorsport are responsible for all my kart engine building and set up as well as maintaining the kart as well as race day support.

Mark Baines Motorsport

Joining MBM has given me the opportunity to improve my driving ability, with years of experience in Karting I am really excited to be part of the team, I now have full race day support as well as plenty of driver coaching.

If you wish to find out more about jenson chalk racing or sponsorship opportunities, please contact me